For over 20 years, Ronnie’s Design Studio has been creating unique personalized baby art that celebrates the exciting arrival of your newborn.

Fresh, fun and one-of a kind, each piece features the precious details of your baby’s special day. And as a great gift, it usually “knocks their socks off!”
Ronnie has added dozens of adorable and stylish new designs to her collection over the years, bringing a little bit of whimsy with her signature style of thoughtful details and colors that engage your child as he or she grows.
We’re excited that we have now inspired a new generation of mommies and daddies, aunts, uncles and grandparents who want to “keep up the family tradition”… of presenting the new baby in the family with a “Ronnie-Design” -- as some of Ronnie’s long-time customers have affectionately nicknamed her work.
We hope you enjoy the cheerful and timeless designs shown here, and find a piece of art that speaks to the creativity and dreams of the great little kid in your life.