How long will it take me to receive my order?
We usually get the order out to the customer in about two weeks.

Can I rush my order?

Can I place my order over the phone?

I am purchasing this as a gift. Can I ship it directly to the baby?
Yes. We also include a pretty ribbon, tissue paper and a gift card (no charge). On the order form, you can tell us the gift card message you would like.

What if I do not know or do not want all of the birth information?
Thatís fine! People often choose to leave out information. For example, you may not have a cat a dog or you may not want to include an inscription on the bottom of the art. If you do not want to include an item, type none in that box.

Can I get the artwork in a different color scheme?
Yes. Call for more information!

Can I choose any mat color and frame combination?
Yes. We've chosen to display each of our designs in a different mat color to show you some options, but you may choose any of the mat and frame choices listed. You may also choose to only have a single mat. This is a custom personalized gift designed especially for you!

Can I add the name or date of a special occasion, such as christening information to the art work?
Yes. For Monogrammed Photo Frames we can write the name of the special occasion (christened, baptized, bar/bat mitzvah, etc.), the date, and the place (church, synagogue, etc.) We can include this information on many of the other artworks as well. Call if you have any questions!

I do not see a theme that matches my babyís room, are other designs available?
Yes, I am always creating new designs. Call for more information!

If you have more questions donít hesitate to call: 513.225.3656